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4-year-old rings bell for final spherical of chemo, will get motorcade escort

4-year-old rings for the last chemo round

A four-year-old girl celebrated the end of her chemotherapy with a bell ringing. Afterwards she was sung about by nurses.

Four-year-old Shyanna Jones celebrated the completion of her chemotherapy with a bell ringing at a children’s hospital in Oklahoma City.

A heartwarming video shows Jones ringing the bell before joining on Jan.

“No more chemo!” the sisters sang. After she rang the doorbell, Jones was joined by a group of bikers who congratulated her as she left the hospital.

The bikers were members of the Riders United 4 Children – a non-profit organization that aims to help children and families in need.

According to a Facebook page devoted to documenting their health problems, Jones was diagnosed with the rare disease hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in 2020.

Local news media said Jones came to the hospital every two weeks for a year for chemotherapy and oral steroids.

This story was told from Los Angeles. Storyful contributed.