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11 of one of the best ‘Intercourse and the Metropolis’ merch or merchandise impressed by SATC

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Whether you consider yourself Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda, or Samantha, here is a product for you. (Image via Getty Images)

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It’s been more than 20 years since we met Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York, and Miranda Hobbes – and we couldn’t help but wonder if we would ever meet again. The answer is yes because there is a revival of “Sex and the City” in the works called “And Just Like That”.

Samantha Jones, played by Canadian actress Kim Cattrall, will be noticeably absent from the new series, but that could give the series the option to hire different actors. It will be interesting to see how they explain Samantha’s absence, but it also gives the writers a chance to fix some of the things they got wrong in the ’90s, especially since it airs in a post-MeToo world.

There are so many different options for the new series and fans can’t wait to find out more details about a 21st century “SATC”.

If watching two movies and six seasons of the original HBO series again isn’t enough, here are 11 Sex and the City-inspired products to keep you patiently waiting for the revival to premiere.

Custom Carrie Name Necklace. (Image via Etsy)

The Carrie Necklace was a memorable part of the Sex and the City franchise. Sarah Jessica Parker wore the necklace for years and when she lost the gold chain while living with Aleksandr Petrovsky in Paris, it only indicated that their relationship was doomed.

This custom Carrie name necklace from Etsy can be personalized with your own name, or you can use Carries for any “SATC” sentiment.

SHOP IT: Etsy, $ 36 (originally $ 45)

“Sex & the City” Gal’s zip pocket. (Image via Redbubble)

Even if Kim Cattrall won’t be attending the “SATC” revival, that doesn’t mean we have to forget the times when the whole gang was together. Keep that memory alive with this zippered bag from Redbubble. It comes in three sizes and can be filled with makeup or used as a pencil case.

The story goes on

SHOP IT: Redbubble, starting at $ 12

Carrie Bradshaw Shirt - Sex and the City Quotes T-Shirt - 2000's T-Shirt.  (Image via Etsy)Carrie Bradshaw Shirt – Sex and the City Quotes T-Shirt – 2000’s T-Shirt. (Image via Etsy)

Let Carrie Bradshaw remind you that there is no time for idiots with this cute t-shirt from Etsy.

SHOP IT: Etsy, $ 30

Sex and the City - Berger Sticky Note Breakup Sticker.  (Image via Etsy)Sex and the City – Berger Sticky Note Breakup Sticker. (Image via Etsy)

Carrie and Jack Berger had a relationship full of ups and downs, but remember when he broke up with her on a post-it note? Well now you never have to forget again with this infamous breakup sticker.

SHOP IT: Redbubble $ 3

Birthday banner Birthday banner “Sex and the City”. (Image via Etsy)

Celebrate any birthday or bachelorette party in the same room with Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes, Samantha Jones, Mr. Big, Aidan Shaw and Stanford Blatch. This banner from Etsy is a digital download that allows you to reprint the banner over and over for any occasion.

SHOP IT: Etsy, starting at $ 12

Click here to sign up for the Yahoo Canada Lifestyle newsletter.Click here to sign up for the Yahoo Canada Lifestyle newsletter.Sex and the City Sex and the City “Samantha Jones vs. The People” Adjustable fabric face mask. (Image via Etsy)

Samantha said what we were all thinking in the days before COVID. Yes, there were people at work everywhere, on the subway, in restaurants, but now there’s like … no one around? Face masks aren’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon and this one is a great addition to your collection. This is a reusable fabric face mask with two layers of fabric and elastic ear loops. This mask is not suitable for medical use. So only wear them for fun and not for full protection.

SHOP IT: Etsy, $ 16

I couldn't help but wonder - Sex and the City - Print (Image via Etsy)I couldn’t help but wonder – Sex and the City – Print (Image via Etsy)

When people think of “Sex and the City” they hear the catchy theme song or a long monologue by Carrie Bradshaw, who is sitting at her first MacBook and ending with the sentence that began with “I couldn’t help but wonder” . This graphic print will help you wonder every day.

SHOP IT: Etsy, starting at $ 22

Roof drink throw pillows.  (Image via Redbubble)Roof drink throw pillows. (Image via Redbubble)

With a throwback photo of the cast having drinks, this throw pillow makes the perfect gift for your SATC-obsessed friend. Throw this pillow on the couch as you watch all of the seasons before the premiere.

SHOP IT: Redbubble, $ 27

Sex and the City Babes Coffee Cup.  (Image via Etsy)Sex and the City Babes Coffee Cup. (Image via Etsy)

Have a cup of coffee in the morning with Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte and Carrie. This hand-printed white ceramic mug uses an original watercolor illustration of the iconic group of women.

SHOP IT: Etsy, $ 17

Sex and the city print.  (Image via Etsy)Sex and the city print. (Image via Etsy)

Here is your daily reminder to be fashionable like Carrie, wise like Miranda, kind like Charlotte, and wild like Samantha. Hang this print in any room and speak briefly before starting the day.

SHOP IT: Etsy, from $ 7

Love keychain with a shine.  (Image via Etsy)Love keychain with a shine. (Image via Etsy)

Do you remember when Carrie hired Lousie, played by Jennifer Hudson, as a personal assistant because she had to organize all of her wedding favors? Lousie of St. Louis moved to New York City to fall in love and carried around a gold key chain that said “love”. Channel your inner lousie with this sparkling gold keychain.

SHOP IT: Etsy, $ 15

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